The Ex Factor and Your Employment Brand

Employers are competing in the war for talent, and the battle is fierce. Savvy companies know the importance of defining or creating an employment brand to help attract and retain top talent. An authentic and properly managed employment brand allows a company to achieve outstanding business results through people. Many companies measure the strength of [...]

The Future of Performance Reviews: Deliver the Basics or Change the Game? Published on Oct 29, 2015 There is a profound shift in the world of performance management. A handful of the Fortune 100 have traded in their tired evaluation processes for more progressive, communication-driven programs. Do the moves of these high-profile organizations signal a rebellion? During this interactive panel discussion, we review both sides of [...]

Little Things Matter. Creating A Culture That Sticks.

Creating a dynamic workplace culture is all the buzz right now. Based on everything you read, it’s easy to believe that great perks are synonymous with great culture. And while perks are nice, they do not create culture. Culture is the collection of behaviors and norms that your company has adopted and reinforced to the [...]

What Is Coaching?

As a Human Resources leader with more than 20 years of experience advising and counseling business leaders and executives, becoming certified as a coach seemed like a logical choice to enhance my business operation when I ventured out on my own. My initial intent was to add credibility to my experience via certification. What I [...]

Why Hiring A Coach Makes “Cents”

These days business owners and corporate organizations have had enough of trainers and other specialists that claim to do this and that for their business but cannot properly prove the return on investment (ROI) of their services. In fact, the harsh competition has forced business managers and entrepreneurs to make sure every penny they invest in their training [...]

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